Blush & Gold Wedding at Ceresville Mansion

Ceresville Mansion Wedding Frederick MD Susie Becky Photography_0292.jpg

From the photographer:

My husband goes out of his way to find the good in everyone. He’s also economical with his speech. This means that the more he likes about someone, the less he says about them – he doesn’t have to enumerate their good points to convince himself that he likes them. So the highest compliment he can pay another man is simply to say, “He’s a good guy.” And sometimes he adds: “A really good guy.” The more time I spent around JD and the more I heard about him from his friends and family, the more my husband’s voice echoed in my head: “He’s a really good guy.” His dad and friends fleshed that out a little. It means: he’s a man of faith, a loyal man, and a good friend. He’s someone who will go the extra mile for friends and strangers alike. Others are drawn to his compassion, strength, and gentleness. He’s humble and does good to others without seeking acknowledgment from others, but rather, according to Matthew 6, he is building up his treasure in heaven.

Early in the day, I noticed a depth to Maddie’s friendships with her bridesmaids and mentioned this to one of them. She explained that Maddie was the one responsible for creating that depth. Maddie is a strong and genuine woman and she includes women in her life that are willing to be real with her. Person after person stood up to say that Maddie had gotten her through their hardest times. She had done so by helping them not simply wait out the worst, but change into the stronger person who could overcome the worst. I’ve rarely been around a bridal party that I liked or genuinely wanted to be friends with more than Maddie’s. These two remarkable people joyfully joined together into a unit that is certain to bless many, many people in this world. 

Photography: Susie + Becky
Venue: Ceresville Mansion | Frederick, MD
Videography: Video Express Pro
Printed Materials: Minted
Florals: Chic Floral Designs
DJ: Mike Blaufeld
Hair + Makeup: Airbrush Faces | Emily Kirchgessner
Cake: Cake I Do
Groomsmen Attire: Posh Bridal
Transportation: On the Town Limousines