Vendor Spotlight | Type A Invitations


Name | Ashleigh Nicole Robinson

Business | Type A Invitations

Hometown | Joppa, Maryland

Area of Expertise | Fine Art, Graphic Design, and Letterpress

How did you get started with invitation design?

Being a professional graphic designer at the time my girlfriends starting getting married, I offered to do their invites for them. It was an awesome break from the mundane, design work I was doing at the time. I loved the creativity and tangibility that came with it. It was 3 years later that I officially started Type A, when I purchased my first, refurbished letterpress!

What has been the highlight of your career in weddings? 

Seeing brides open up their finished invitations and being so happy that they cry and then hug me - that’s truly the highlight and why I love working in the wedding industry! Receiving that kind of appreciation for my work is incredibly rewarding and humbling.  

How would you describe your work?

My work artistically and elegantly brings to life each of my client’s own authenticity. Each piece is meant to reach recipients on various levels through touch, feel, and that “wow!’ moment when they open up their invite. Our mission at Type A is to create fine custom stationery for the thoughtfully unique through fine art, professional design, and creative collaboration

What should brides know about invitation design?

Custom invitations have a lot that go into them - it’s not as simple as just quickly printing off a template like the major online retailers do. There’s so much hand-done work that goes into each piece. But that’s what makes custom invitations so special and allows us to bring client’s unique visions to life!

What is your best piece of advice for brides planning their wedding?

Stop worrying about everyone else - it doesn’t matter what your guests think or even what your family thinks. Think about you and your fiancé - what do you want for your wedding? Also be sure to think about things you don’t want. It’s your day and should be authentically you. 

What trends do you hope to see come and go? 

I think the DIY / barn / mason jar wedding has had more than its share of the wedding scene - I’d be happy to see that one pass on, haha! But the current mixed metallic trend can stay forever, love me some shine!

When you’re not working in weddings, what are you up to?

I love relaxing and drinking wine with my husband while we chill with our cat and dog. Most recently, our weekends have been filled with constructing a master bathroom in our home, by ourselves from scratch! I do a lot of freelance design work for Hilton. And I’m also a co-captain and player of the DCLC’s First Ladies lacrosse team. 

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