Elegant NYE Wedding at Mt Washington Mill Dye House


Sarah and Clint's wedding was the last day of a very, very rainy year. Of course, it also rained - because, 2018! Their wedding was an awesome celebration of the love of two incredible people. They actually met on NYE several years prior and chose that day for their wedding. It made it so special and meaningful! They even had a noise maker that they had kept from that first New Year's Eve party all those years ago. Details were kept very simple and classy and fitting with a new year's eve theme! The rain didn’t stop this celebration!

EVENT PLANNING: Erin Powell with 1423 Events
VENUE: Mt Washington Mill Dye House
CATERING: Linwoods
FLORAL DESIGN: The Flower Cart
DJ: Dance Masters Entertainment
WEDDING GOWN: Morilee by Madeline Gardner from Park Avenue Bridal
CAKE + SWEETS: Linwoods
HAIR | MAKE-UP: Jamie Adams with Swept LLC
STRING TRIO: Canterbury Strings
LIGHTS: Event Dynamics

ikamCreate | Vendor Spotlight

Kirby-Jay - ikamCreate.jpg

Name Kirby-Jay Conyette

I am originally from the beautiful twin isle of Trinidad and Tobago, and up until quite recently, I resided in the prettiest city, Annapolis.

Area of Expertise
I am a silk and paper floral artist, and pointillism illustrator. I specialize in floral backdrop installations and intricately- designed hand-painted collectibles.

How did you get your start in Floral Artistry and Illustration?
A quote by Jean Vanier comes to mind, "Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness." I have always loved acrylic paints, but I was never able to master the techniques of acrylic painting. Instead I would fill my blank canvases with thousands of tiny dots and floral details using hundreds of tubes of acrylic paints.My friends loved them; they found the details in my designs mesmerizing, so I began transferring them to every object I could find: candle holders, bottles, tea cups and shoes. ikamCreate was born. A year later, a friend requested a floral backdrop for her event. My illustration technique was not suitable for a project of that magnitude, so I introduced small silk flowers and larger handcrafted paper floral elements into my composition. I have been designing floral backdrops and 3D art pieces for events and homes ever since.


What has been the highlight of your career?
I practice celebrating all the little things. Two of my highlights are:

1) This year, I created my 1st floral shop display window installation for HERE, a pop-up shop currently located on popular Main Street, Annapolis!

2) I provided floral planning and decor for my 1st out-of-state wedding last year - hello Ohio!

How would you describe your work?
My work can be best described as whimsical, intricate, and on my end, tedious joy.

What is your best piece of advice for brides planning their wedding?
Take a deep breath! Focus on the beautiful journey you're about to begin and let your vendors handle the wedding details. We’ve got you!

What trends do you hope to see come and go in 2019?
As a whole, I love trends. They shake things up a bit in the design world. Yes, everyone wants that look or color palette, but I've found that my clients always opt to have a variation of a trend with their own unique twist.

When you’re not working in weddings, what are you up to?
My floral design extends beyond weddings. I provide installations for many different events, bridal showers, baby showers, graduations, fundraisers and more. I also design 3D paper floral accent pieces for homes and offices. My floral work keeps me busy, but in my downtime you can find me binge watching a series or two on Netflix.

IMG-4531-01 (1).jpeg

Amy Scripts | Vendor Spotlight

Name Amy Scripts

Pasadena, MD

Area of Expertise

How did you get your start in Calligraphy?
I honestly just wanted to learn. I was volunteering at my sorority’s recruitment almost two years ago and started doodling in a notebook (one of many very late nights during recruitment). I then started writing and decided I wanted to learn calligraphy. From there, I bought how-to books, made an Instagram account to hold myself accountable to progress and practiced often; and have been scripting every day since!

What has been the highlight of your career?
I’ve been able to do the wedding signage for my two best friends and honestly that was AWESOME! I knew most of the people at both weddings and it’s always cool to be invited to a wedding you’ve helped to do the decor for. In addition to those two weddings, I’ve met some really awesome people since I started doing calligraphy! Baltimore is such a small town and it’s really cool to have been able to meet people that I never would have otherwise through doing this and connecting on things we’re passionate about. 

How would you describe your work?
One of a kind and ever changing! I think calligraphy is really cool because every single piece is a little different. Handwriting varies calligrapher to calligrapher so I think it’s really neat that no two pieces will ever be exactly alike. It’s also always changing (for the better, I hope!) based on practice, learning different forms, etc.


What is your best piece of advice for brides planning their wedding?
Have fun!!!!! It’s the one day that you get to entirely plan to share and celebrate your love for your partner. Let both of your style’s show, don’t stress over small details, and HAVE FUN planning the greatest party of your lives! 

What trends do you hope to see come and go in 2019?
Right now I’m honestly all about the jacket trend - more denim and more leather, PLEASE!!!! There’s nothing I want to see go. Is that weird? I love LOVE and I love weddings so much! I feel like each one is unique and that’s what makes them so special. Maybe the apron dance tradition can go because I never have cash - or let me make you a sign with your Venmo that we can put on the dance floor so even the cashless guests can dance! ;)

When you’re not working in weddings, what are you up to?
I have a day job outside of weddings. I’m a digital and creative account manager and work with lots of different companies in the area. I love meeting new people and networking, so it’s the perfect compliment to my calligraphy/wedding business. I also love spending time with my boyfriend, taking spin or barre classes, and loving on our Cavapoo puppy, Coco. 

Fun Fed Hill Engagement Session


How They Met:
Who would’ve thought that two people living just a few blocks from each other would wind up meeting online. That’s exactly what happened! Sari and Bryan met for their first date a week before Halloween in 2013 at Pub Dog. They ate brick oven pizza. They drank craft beer. They laughed and talked for hours. From that moment on, they were soulmates. Sari and Bryan have been together for over 5 years. They’ve made so many memories and they’re just getting started. 

The Proposal Story:
Bryan planned a San Diego getaway for him and Sari to enjoy as the summer ended. Bryan proposed to Sari on the sand at Coranado beach as the sun was setting. Bryan strategically planned to have a photographer capture their special moment. They couldn’t be more excited for their wedding this July!

Photography: Arpasi Photography

Romantic Winter Engagement Session



How They Met:

In the summer of 2016, I had completely written off dating. Of course I wanted to meet someone, but didn’t know where I would do so. I felt like I already knew everyone in my hometown and quite frankly, I was tired of always seeing the same people. I wanted someone new; someone no one else knew anything about and someone I could start fresh with. But where was I going to meet someone when I still lived at home and never really went anywhere?

Cue my Aunt Roxanne who convinced me that meeting people online was the way to go these days and that I should try it out. At first, the idea was totally thrown out. Online? I would never find my special someone through a screen- or so I thought. I downloaded the Tinder app on my phone along with a friend mainly as a means of entertainment. I never actually thought I’d meet anyone on it, especially with it’s less-than-stellar reputation. Sure, I had a few conversations here and there, but nothing more than a few days of talking, and I was back to the drawing board. I often deleted the app because I didn’t think anything positive would come out of it; that is until late June of 2016.

I redownloaded it one rainy day only to find that I had been “super liked” by an ‘Eric I’. I was flattered and of course went to his profile to see what this fella was all about. He looked to be a decent, upstanding guy so I swiped right. BEST DECISION EVER. I messaged him right away with a simple “Hey!” and then proceeded to have a very nice conversation. I really loved that he wasn’t like the others I had talked to previously on the app. He was sweet and very gentleman-like. After a few days, he asked to take me out to dinner and on Friday, July 1, 2016 I met the person I would unknowingly fall head over heels with. I knew on that day I had found someone so special, but I could have never known how much he would mean to me now, over two years down the road. 

The Proposal Story:

I am the absolute hardest person to surprise. I ask questions and think about things way too much, so I still can’t believe he pulled this off! Monday, June 18, 2018 started out like any other weekday. I went to work (nannying) and then came home to eat dinner quickly before I left to coach my ice skating lessons that evening. Lessons were totally normal until the last 5 minutes. I was just finishing up when my boss called me over to the wall. Confused, I skated over to ask what she needed. “Time of my Life” (from Dirty Dancing) started playing over the speakers and with that, about a dozen girls skated over to me one by one handing me a rose. I was still SO confused until I saw Eric and my heart totally melted. It wasn’t until that moment I finally realized what was happening. He skated toward me, tripped and slid onto his knees right before he got to me (definitely the best part) and then asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes and could not stop smiling. I was so shocked and excited! I still can’t believe I get to marry my best friend. We are both so excited to start this next chapter of our lives! 

Photography: Kira Nicole Photography